torsdag 20. mai 2010

Jennifers Body?

Oh my!
I have never ever been so disappointed.. EVER!
I was really looking forward to watch this movie, and finally bought it, and watched it, and cried in pain, because of the crappy.. thing!.. I don't even know what to call that dreadful motion pictured thing!
First of all, Amanda Seyfried is too good an actor to play in this horrible movie!
Second, There is no wonder why the movie never made it to the cinema where i live..
Third, they over used the fact that Megan Fox, who plays Jennifer herself, is hot!... It's fine, I got it the first time you sex'd her up! You don't need to do it 10 more times!
Now, you may ask why I thought the movie was so bad? and I'll tell you why! Because the plot was crap, the happenings even worse, and when did it ever take 45 seconds for a Bar to go into total flames, and, OH! everyone died.. except for Needy (Amanda Seyfried) and Jennifer.. and those band geeks that apparently kills Jennifer, who, got wasted on what seems to be water and smoke from the fire...
This is a really messy movie, with a plot that was even worse than Miley Cyrus new movie, The Last Song... The only good thing about it were the gory effects and the fact that Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox was in it...


I rate this movie 2/10

tirsdag 11. mai 2010

The Last Song

I just saw Miley Cyrus new movie, The Last Song.
It really wasn’t anything special… I thought it would be much better than it was, so I was actually really disappointed…
But, maybe I had a little high expectation, because the writer of the movie is the same person who wrote “The Notebook”, and The Notebook is one of the best romantic movies I have ever seen!
Anyways, this movie was just a typical movie, only I think the plot was messy and stupid and I realized that Miley is actually not that great an actor, and there were some times in the movie it all seemed really fake, but that’s probably just me.
I don’t really recommend the movie, but if you like Miley Cyrus, then sure, go ahead.

I rate this movie 4/10

tirsdag 6. april 2010

who yah gonna call?


Sam, Dean and the two ghost-busters!

Supernatural is one of my favorite TV-shows, and last weekend, my friend and I were watching our favorite, and most funny episodes… Among them “Hell House” and “Yellow Fever”
The reason why I like the episode “Hell House” is because, Dean and Sam have a prank war, so they do really stupid and funny things to each other. Also, they run into two nerds, that call themselves paranormal experts, so Dean and Sam need to deal with them, and try to get them out of the way.

In "Yellow Fever", Dean get's infected by a ghost, and he will get more and more scared and with in 48 hours, he's gonna die of a heart attack. So Dean and Sam need to find out how to stop the fever from spreading, and they have to trace the fever back to the ghost that started it all... This is definitely one of my favorite episodes, because it is really, really funny, because dean get's scared of everything, and it is just EPIC!...
Clip they did at the end:
dean is scared to out of his car, so he is laying in his car and listening to eye of the tiger, and he asked the director if he could just ramble on and do something funny for the extras, and this is what he ended up with :)

Dean get's scared by a cat

mandag 22. mars 2010

The Vampires Assistant

Today, after 2-3 years of waiting, I finally got to see «The Vampires Assistant»
Ever since I heard about the making of a movie version of the books that changed my life, I have been waiting anxiously to watch it, and I promised myself to not download it, no matter what!
Anyways, here is my review!

Darren Shan is a young boy. He goes to school, has a loving family, a best friend and is obsessed with spiders. He never really get's in to trouble, but it all will change when his best friend, Steve Leonard drags him along to go watch a freak show that is in town. There, they see all kinds of creatures.. a lady who can see the future and grow beard, a wolf man and many many more creatures. But there is particularly one person, that take their interest. Steve is obsessed with vampires, and is convinced that this man, is one of the vampires he has seen in his vampire book. Darren, could really not care that much, because he is being hypnotized by the vampires very rare, and very poisonous spider, Madam Octa. Darren can not stop thinking about the spider, and decides to steal it from the vampire. Unfortunately, the spider escapes when he takes her to school, and Steve is bitten and gets in to a coma and the doctors can not find a cure. Darren goes of back to the theater where they saw the show, and the vampire, Larten Crepsly gives him two choices. Either, he can let his friend die, or become Mr. Crepslys half blood vampire assistant.

I was positively surprised, because after seeing the cast list, that disappointed me enormously and seeing how different the movie was from the book when I first watched the trailer, I really did not have hopes for this movie. But I came to learn that this movie is only based on the books, and not going to be written from a book to a movie.
Anyways, I watched the movie and tried hard not to think about comparing it to the books, and I came to the thought that this is a good movie... Not the best I will ever see, but something I would like, even if I had never heard of the books.
I like how they turned a movie that could have been cold and depressing, like you would think after reading the books, and turning it in to an enjoyable and fun movie with awesome lines and characters that will make you laugh by just being what they are, freaks. Also, the effects were awesome, as I always have to mention, and even if they changed A LOT about many characters, and even putting two people from the books and making them into one, I surprisingly liked it all.
The plot had a drastic change, and only the 40 first minutes of the movie were something I could relate to the books. But I can honestly say, that I really don't mind, because the movie was fun, and Paul Weitz did an awesome job directing this!
With that said, I rate this movie 6/10

tirsdag 16. mars 2010

Queen of the Damned

Queen of the Damned is a movie based on the book by Ann Rice (Queen of the damned is the third book in the vampire chronicles, and the first book is Interview with the Vampire, which is also a movie)
(no one can deny that Stuart looks fabolus as the Vampire Lestat, and Aaliyah really knows how to act lik an evil queen who feeds on blood.. Humans and Vampires alike)
Lestat awakes after many years of “sleeping” and awakes to a whole new world, where punk, and goth music is big everywhere. He meets a band, practicing their music, and does what every vampire want to, but is forbidden to do, and reveals himself. They start up a band, called “the vampire Lestat” and get famous at once, because of Lestat's “condition”..
Jesse, a young girl who is a researcher for a Paranormal studies group called Talamasca, discovers that Lestat is hiding secret information about vampires in his lyrics, and is therefor intrigued by Lestat, and starts to research on him. Her mentor gives her Lestat's journal, and Jesse finds out how Lestat awoke the Queen of all Damned, Akasha, with his music.

I really like this movie, it is one of my favorite movies, and the main reason for that, is because they have such an awesome soundtrack and the scores are really cool as well! So for those who like bands like, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Disturbed and Deftones, this movie is really worth watching, and I can not believe I have not jet come around to buy this DVD! Because it's just plain awesomeness!
I also like Aaliyah's performance in this movie, it is like she was born to do this role, and she is really convincing! And Stuart Townsend could not be a better band rocking, Lestat (and remember, he had to fill Tom Cruise's shoes after he played the vampire Lestat in "Interview with the vampire")
The effects are also really cool, like when the vampires move at top speed and I really, really love the way they did the end, because the effects are just too awesome and well done! :D

I rate this movie 8,5/10

fredag 12. mars 2010

He's just not that in to you

Just a little update :)
He's just not that in to you has a classic dilemma... A girl creates mixed up signals after a date and is waiting for the guy to call, when he's really not that in to her.
This is a real chick flick movie and is the perfect one to watch if you're having a girl's movie night!
I mean, what couldn't be better than good looking guys and hopeless romantic stories for a girls night?

I really like this movie, it is cute, girly and simple... No need for special effects and lots of concentration to get the plot in the movie. And I like how all the people are connected some how, even if they don't really know each other.
I rate this movie 6/10

onsdag 10. mars 2010


Just saw the movie Daybreakers.
It is set in 2019, in a world vampires are a dominant species. They are, in fact, so dominant that there is not enough people left to “donate” blood that they can feed on, and many vampires starve and become real monsters.
Edward Dalton is a vampire, and is working for a company that is trying to create a “cure” so they can turn human again, but they have yet not succeeded. Edward runs in to a little group of people, who are looking for vampires they can trust, and Edward is soon one of those vampires.
Why do they need vampires they can trust? Because they found the cure that can turn vampires human, but the only way is to put a vampire in the sun, so they burst in to flames, and then put out the fire with water, before they turn to ashes.I did not like this movie. It was boring, and there were no “cool” effects or anything. Too much blood splatter, so it did not seem realistic. And not to mention, the plot was just too plain stupid, because you can't remove the vampire parts in a vampire.. That goes against the laws of nature! (in the fantasy world of nature of course).. And, just to say some more crap about the movie; The eye-color on the vampires, so stolen from “Twilight!”
I really feel like I have to say something good about the movie.. So, here goes... I like the start... the way they filmed it was really cool, although it only lasted for 1 and a half minute... and that's really all the positive thing I can come up with...
I rate this movie 2/10